Pocket Info (Dota2) is Open Source. View license

The app's codebase is available on github.


Pocket Info (Dota2) is written in React Native (via Expo), so if you're a JavaScript developer, you can easily understand the app's code.
For more information regarding a possible contribution the the app's codebase, go here.


Pocket Info (Dota2) - to help translate the app, go here.
For more information about translations and supported languages, go here.

The wiki data - comes from the game files, so the wiki translations are already made (but sometimes incomplete - i.e. patch notes).
If you'd like to help translating the Dota2 game itself, you can try enrolling with Steam Translation.

The stats section - comes from OpenDota. If you encounter any translation problems with this section, you can help out here.